Most Active Hours: 18:00 - 23:00 GMT

Weekly Peek Online: 395

Online Players


With Cross-Faction & 5 Man Raids - It's similar to having 2120 players on a blizzlike realm where everyone is cap level.

Showing Top 20 Online by Playtime.
Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
Lfgroupchat 70115360
Kassierer 70oof13805713
Hiqu 70Hex124372928
Varlok 70Legion1131391
Devasto 70Ashes97218085
Dynaheir 70Hex89526108
Nubbest 70oof864986
Aerglo 708244054
Lyngeh 70Lazy7325010
Hotmebabe 70real men cry7055661
Clon 70SKYLL INTE PÅ HUGO58724100
Demilovato 70Lunatic Asylum5681661
Selcan 70New On The Block5250
Spriestess 70New On The Block II5130
Palipal 70New On The Block II4960
Artuk 70New On The Block III4270
Mustbefrank 70Bacon4143549
Thiccq 70Schwer und Falsch399418
Singlemom 70390475
Kaldorei 70dont call us casuals3861136