[Max Online This Week: 427]

Online Players


With Cross-Faction & 5 Man Raids - It's similar to having 1570 players on a blizzlike realm where everyone is cap level.

Showing Top 20 Online by Playtime.
Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
Lfgroupchat 7094190
Proccdoc 70DoingTheWorkOfThreeMen5782863
Bambochaa 70PwN54313562
Boomkinetics 70oof5186336
Brisbone 70Hex47220488
Shafy 70Wolfs of Mibu46311713
Fringos 70Mile Hyjal Club421140
Nines 70Hex3761990
Creepy 70Halcyon Days348340
Dene 70SEA315255
Hektor 7029610407
Mosesathome 70Memento Mori269613
Lunatrixx 70Hex2582583
Indhira 70218593
Zidb 70Effort2161157
Lockly 70Exalté chez Paul Emploi214562
Fudge 70Taco Tuesday21354
Uwario 70FunkyFive19212
Wondergirl 70Wolfs of Mibu1872261
Daark 70Mile Hyjal Club175455