[Max Online This Week: 413]

Online Players


With Cross-Faction & 5 Man Raids - It's similar to having 1140 players on a blizzlike realm where everyone is cap level.

Showing Top 20 Online by Playtime.
Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
Lfgroupchat 7074720
Missboltie 70Hex7392531
Resbuffwench 70Hex68218
Mpower 70MoX6603260
Pluky 70Forgotten Heroes5773
Rexodii 70Ditchboys502596
Hassfikk 70Schwer und Falsch46241826
Healbc 70Clueless4380
Retributionz 70Schwer und Falsch42315032
Locknessmon 70Clueless4150
Exoween 70La Distillerie38325778
Charlyd 70Hex3712078
Nines 70Hex3131989
Brisbone 70Hex30510388
Milakunis 70The Kiss Experience2914079
Olsyn 70Los Pepes280567
Cremario 70Hardcore Vibez273631
Skrillex 70Double Helix2523099
Anastari 70Conquer244748
Nepethe 70The Basement2431972