[Max Online Since Last Restart: 316]

Online Players


With Cross-Faction & 5 Man Raids - It's similar to having 1190 players on a blizzlike realm where everyone is cap level.

Showing Top 50 Online by Playtime.
Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
Bolten 70Hex49967
Haredjolt 70Scrubs401724
Neradia 70Hex37261
Zwepi 70Ram Ranch36220
Mama 70TBC Experts331523
Btotheb 70TakeOff3209
Anilogass 70lul310230
Nastypala 70Hex3034
Donthaveacow 70Forgotten Heroes2757
Totemtanya 70TBC Experts25826
Arsdchkrebs 70TakeOff25534
Ninjavanish 70PLS NO BULLY2074308
Resbuffwench 702051
Kmikc 70Dead Gamers Society20214
Doti 70TBC Experts1950
Lilia 70oof189721
Trixi 70Scrubs1880
Greenature 70AgaiNst1800
Smashpriest 70Ram Ranch175672
Farnsworth 70lul1632
Rendal 70America United157199
Lawa 70TBC Experts1541
Ravelol 701430
Zew 70Ram Ranch142819
Paca 70No life No panic1380
Ilana 70oof134377
Arbis 70TakeOff10926
Aerglo 70its so fluffy97136
Angrycroc 70PLS NO BULLY960
Zulul 70lul950
Miike 70M E L T930
Lidozrout 70BALL FONDLERS810
Ploutwnas 70element768
Lazylock 70NSYNC75206
Qwen 707412
Killix 70Lunatic Asylum721
Schopenhauer 70America United7117
Kinslayer 70America United650
Ariel 70oof60213
Dorasmina 70AgaiNst600
Jambi 70420
Hierbitas 70330
Heta 70310
Rzn 70New On The Block31438
Snipers 70New On The Block310
Polikon 70FunkyFive29206
Poh 70America United280
Dagi 70America United270
Sscbuffss 70270
Cutebuffer 70250