TBC 5 Man - A Community To Rival Them All

Online Players

# Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
1Tilted 70C O O K E D4279
2Method 70C O O K E D244193
3Juicew 70C O O K E D2001404
4Dis 70Oispa1720
5Drkael 70Get Carried1691
6Hotsoup 70Make Azeroth Great Again161240
7Marvel 70Get Carried16043
8Disti 70Oispa1542
9Galthulus 70STRAYA KUNTS14415
10Dahunt 70NeMeSiS1430
11Jesspounce 70Chocolate Chip Cookies1312
12Zsnx 70Get Carried1290
13Tda 70Wife Aggro119213
14Rhum 70Dirty1121
15Lockitdown 70Dirty1082
16Charlie 70Playing with Myself900
17Foxtrot 70Playing with Myself880
18Uniform 70Playing with Myself870
19Lunasugoi 70Get Carried79608
20Orcgobash 70Dirty782
21Dashers 70Get Carried7280
22Dzigok 70660
23Chainhealwut 70Dredd Pushed Us Here650
24Reynolds 70620
25Serra 70Playing with Myself580
26Doom 70Dirty530
27Reptile 70neskel51423
28Kronite 70Gnot a Gnelf500
29Akarainer 70Gnot a Gnelf462
30Jak 70Dirty420
31Vendetta 70Stalin Reserve399
32Riptz 70Gnot a Gnelf370
33Silence 70362
34Flaskss 62340
35Caleb 69330
36Brainth 70310
37Thyrus 70Raiding With The Boys300
38Protwar 69290
39Revs 70Get Carried2886
40High 70282
41Cowz 70Gnot a Gnelf230
42Paulwalker 70200
43Feelsblack 68200
44Kironn 69190
45Phuchead 70Gnot a Gnelf180
46Spudro 70160
47Free 70Loot150
48Figpriest 70Get Carried130
49Haveawaffle 70120
50Dobbhunt 70120
51Mederia 70100
52Zsnxd 70Get Carried100
53Michelbob 6390
54Loadz 62Giggity80
55Mshunter 6340
56Sweetcheeks 6120
57Loktara 6120
58Orryn 6010
59Falsecracku 6000
60Wazzle 6000
61Vigos 6000
62Wezzle 6000
63Wizzle 6000
64Wozzle 6000
65Wuzzle 6000
66Zsnclothsix 6000