[Max Online Since Last Restart: 358]

Online Players


With Cross-Faction & 5 Man Raids - It's similar to having 600 players on a blizzlike realm where everyone is cap level.

Showing Top 50 Online by Playtime.
Character Level Guild PlayTime[Hours] Total Kills
Anilogass 70lul623327
Zalphyra 70Hex5816
Farnsworth 70lul4382
Missboltie 70Hex423313
Qwen 70lul382997
Ghostbane 70lul33018
Vsper 70Hard Fur Men272175
Demarcus 70lul25723
Lock 70Casual22210
Alphaxx 70Sleep1970
Hcl 70oof1870
Mika 70A Necessary Evil1603979
Barravian 70No Mercy156510
Triggered 70Beware of Troll132107
Maxblasto 70Too legit to crit132582
Ishtar 70oof131520
Justeese 701311
Gogoz 70Sleep1220
Mft 70oof121660
Bound 70Deliciously Dangerous1030
East 70C U Next Tuesday992
Btpala 70750
Vutra 70New On The Block621684
Onimeno 70Sleep59161
Knine 70Booty Bay Yacht Club58151
Molusq 70Ragnarök47474
Booch 70New On The Block II4342
Powertopsw 70420
Buffuswp 70lul410
Castigation 70Too legit to crit360
Roseblanco 70Sleep330
Artiest 70New On The Block III300
Epsilonxx 70Sleep270
Taltanker 70Booty Bay Yacht Club2494
Savanaonana 70220
Holypal 70Too legit to crit1966
Onfollow 70New On The Block II170
Wendy 70New On The Block III1314
Timmytucker 70New On The Block130
Josemiel 70New On The Block III1370
Eilluzionist 70New On The Block110
Sukazhopa 70New On The Block II110
Dabdura 70100
Eggsforfree 70New On The Block100
Dio 70New On The Block III100