To support our emulation adventures, please feel free to donate towards our projects, we reward vote points as a way to say thanks!

Absolutely do not feel the need to donate, we are completely happy to cover all the costs however expensive it is to run the project, seeing the players have fun justifies the cost.

Feedback and enjoying yourself is the only thing we ask

**To donate please log into the vote system - Click me! Points will arrive as soon as Paypal sends confirmation - Normally instantaneously after a donating.**

Any problems with the Donate Button link or donations in general message Yatzii on discord

Bitcoin: 164TTT3aWS5bpGBaize72tZzhRviyGah14
[Bitcoin - Message me on discord (Yatzii) to organise the goodies]

Donation for Vote Points:
Payments in Pounds Sterling (£)
320 Vote Points: £5.00
640 Vote Points: £10.00
960 Vote Points: £15.00
1,300 Vote Points: £20.00
1,640 Vote Points: £25.00
2,100 Vote Points: £30.00